Nike Stock Price and Chart

Nike Corporation is a world-famous manufacturer of sportswear, equipment, and shoes. She has been the undisputed industry leader for many years. For example, about 95% of shoes for basketball in the United States produce Nike. The corporation has more than 70 thousand employees. The company’s value is estimated at USD 11 billion. Nike stocks are an attractive investment tool.

Basic Information

The history of the company began in 1964. It was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports. After seven years, its creators, Bill Bowerman, and Phil Knight rebranded. The company received a new name – Nike. The corporation’s main office is currently located in Beaverton, a city in Oregon.

The company’s shares began to be traded on the stock exchange in 1990. Before this, they could be purchased exclusively on the over-the-counter market. Nike shares are now included in many stock indices. This further enhances its market position.

Nike Corporation has several subsidiaries. It relates to:

Umbro International Limited. It specializes in the manufacture of casual and sports shoes, as well as equipment and clothing for professional football teams.

Hurley International LLC. It produces clothes, shoes and various accessories for extreme sports. This company also provides youth-oriented products.

Converse Inc. It produces famous sneakers, as well as sportswear and accessories.

Cole Haan. The company manufactures luxury shoes, clothes, and accessories.

The corporation launches products under such brands as TeamStarter, AirJordan, Total 90, NikeGolf, and Nike. The brand is considered one of the most expensive in the world in its segment. However, its popularity is only growing every year.

To evaluate the company’s stock prospects, you need to follow the financial statements of Nike. It is published quarterly. The reports contain the leading economic indicators of the company. As a rule, in the case of a corporation demonstrates good results, it’s stock quotes are growing, and vice versa.

The general market situation also affects the rate of equity securities. In times of crisis, stock prices of most companies decline. Be sure to keep this in mind. Nike equity securities have high liquidity and tremendous growth potential. This company is the undisputed leader in the industry, so bankruptcy does not shine for it, at least in the coming years.

You can make suitable money for trading Nike stocks. A predictable rate and good volatility characterize this asset. Many traders use it to generate profits. To form an effective trading strategy for this financial instrument, you need to conduct both technical and fundamental analysis.

Trade using pending orders. They will allow you to automate trading, making it more predictable and efficient. Be sure to use take-profit and stop-loss. The first order will let you fix profits on time, and the second one will prevent losses from increasing.

Strictly adhere to the rules of money management. Never risk the amount that you are not ready to lose. It’s wrong to use all your money to trade. The maximum risk value in one transaction should not exceed 10% of the deposit. Following these recommendations, you can create an effective trading strategy that will allow you to make good money with Nike stocks.

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